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  • Without obligatory contract!
  • Free telephony connection!
  • Free telephone modem!
  • High quality calls!
  • Talk with all fixed and mobile operators in the world!
  • Talk cheepest!

Telekabel's telephony service is a service based on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology for transmitting voice over the Internet, rather than through the traditional telephone network. Telecommunications network based on the IP protocol is the network of the future, which is becoming standard worldwide. With the fixed telephony of Telekabel you can talk to all fixed and mobile operators in the world.

Telephony can be used by private and legal entities that want low phone bills. In this way Telekabel offers fully enhance communication with your business partners, friends and relatives, and is the first company to set a new standard in telecommunications in Macedonia, which offers unlimited free calls to its customers.

Only with Telekabel you are not bound by the agreement and you can use the telephony service in the period that suits you best. If you become a user of the telephony services you will get free telephone connection, free modem (revers - in our property) and high quality unlimited free calls in Telekabel's network.

The requirement to use telephony service of Telekabel is:

  • User must have an active CATV connection.